About MM Search

Why Us?

MM Search likes to do things differently – we are people specialists.

Led by Founding Managing Partners Ken Morrice and Derek MacFeate, MM Search is Scotland’s fastest growing award winning Executive Search firm.

Specialising in Executive Search, Executive Interim and Non-Executive Director positions, our process is streamlined, simple and innovative.

Key to our success is the partnership we form with our clients and candidates, gaining a sound understanding of their requirements and culture.

We work across all sectors and disciplines with companies of all sizes, operating throughout the UK and Internationally.

At our core we are professional with personality, a trait that shines through every member of the MM Search team.

Our Values

We work with patience and kindness and aim to be approachable. We have empathy and understanding and take the time to really listen.
We work as one team; listen, understand and support each other. We communicate with each other and aren’t afraid to ask for help if needed.
We care about what we do and the impact we make. We put our hearts into everything we do and enjoy it!
We respect each other and are true to ourselves. We always strive to do what’s right and most importantly, we are always honest.
For us this means first class work carried out with intensity. We work smart and set goals and make them happen.
We never give up. We pick each other up when needed. Importantly, we are able to take a step back if needed and come back stronger.

Our Vision

  • Founded by headhunters Derek MacFeate and Ken Morrice,  MM Search began as a challenger brand to the traditional executive search model and has grown into one of the Top 5 Executive Search firms in the UK as recognised by ManageHR.
  • Harnessing the founder’s years of experience, MM Search offers efficient method that encourages collaboration and results in long-term partnerships.

Founder Vision

Our goal is to create a brand that not only delivers the finest calibre of candidate for every role but is synonymous with character and quality.

Derek MacFeate

As MM Search continues to grow at pace, we aim to become the automatic first choice for executive search.

Ken Morrice

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