Candidate representation in the tech sector

June 2022
MM Search’s Head of IT and Technology Executive Search, Douglas Hamilton, examines how we can support candidates in the current job market

MM Search’s Head of IT and Technology Executive Search, Douglas Hamilton, examines how we can support candidates in the current job market.

The digital skills gap within the tech sector in Scotland has been well publicised and a recent study by job search engine Adzuna, analysed by Tech Nation for the UK’s Digital Economy Council, has highlighted the extent of the issue. The new data shows that 13.22% of jobs in Scotland are now within the digital sector and that more than 20,000 tech roles have been advertised in 2022 alone.

In addition to exploring the volume of tech vacancies, the study has taken a closer look at the kinds of roles that are experiencing the highest demand. Software development specialists are currently the most sought-after candidates in the UK, with business development analysts and java developers also experiencing high demand. The new figures also reveal that senior roles are outnumbering entry-level positions by around eight to one.

While there is a wealth of newly qualified candidates available for these junior roles, senior positions are proving much more difficult to fill and this has led to tech jobs being among the most highly paid. In Scotland the average tech salary now sits at £52,893 and this figure rises to over £75,000 in London.

This abundance of vacancies means that tech candidates now have an unprecedented array of career options and opportunities, and this can feel overwhelming. However, a recruitment specialist can help candidates to navigate their next steps and find a role that will allow them to flourish.

As well as fulfilling our clients’ executive search requirements, the MM Search team works closely with candidates to help them find the position that meets their needs on every level. High salaries can be extremely attractive, but we understand the importance of ensuring that factors such as company culture, growth opportunities and progression are also aligned with the candidate’s goals and ambitions.

Our candidate representation service allows us to gain a complete understanding of the candidate’s skills, experience and expertise as well as their priorities, passions and personality traits. In this way, we ensure that every partnership is built on solid foundations and increase the chance of creating successful placements that go the distance.

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The high number of vacancies within the digital sector means that competition between companies seeking to recruit tech talent is high. If you work within the tech sector and you’re seeking to make your next career move, MM Search can help you find the role that will take you to the next professional level. Contact us today to learn more about our candidate representation service.

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