IT Sector offering more opportunities than ever

December 2021

The infrastructure of nearly every business is reliant upon its IT and tech team. We all know the importance of the digital side of every organisation and the critical role it plays in the running, management, and evolution of a business.

Almost every industry has changed how it operates in the past two years, and perhaps none more so than the technology and IT sector, which has responded at lightning speed to every curve ball thrown at it.

We all rely upon digital channels more than ever, from cloud software to e-commerce and the development of digital services. While companies across the UK are accelerating their digitisation and IT channels faster than ever before, they need the people power to make it happen. The industry is crying out for the right calibre of IT professionals to help keep the pace of their business strong.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the UK created an additional 58,000 tech and IT jobs between July and September 2021. The ONS also discovered that technology was the third-fastest sector for overall employment growth in the UK.

What does all this mean for those in the tech sector right now…opportunity knocks!

With demand soaring and opportunity rising, there are now more openings than ever across every side of the industry. IT skills are in demand at all levels, and it’s also a career that is high up the agenda of graduates.

At MM Search, we are currently recruiting for a range of tech roles, including Data Scientists, Java Developers, and Interface Designers, and working with exciting clients such as Snappy Shopper and GC Exchange. The time is now for those looking to make that career move in one of the most exciting and thriving industries in the UK right now.

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