MM Search reveals the essential personality traits and skills of a great headhunter…  

February 2022

MM Search reveals the essential personality traits and skills of a great headhunter…  

Ambitious and tenacious

Ambition is a helpful trait in many industries, and this is certainly true within the recruitment sector, which can be target orientated. Tenacity, drive, and even a dash of competitive spirit can empower you to achieve your personal goals and your professional aims.

Intuitive and insightful

The recruitment process involves finding candidates to fulfil clients’ needs; however, sourcing the right talent for a role requires much more than matching skill sets to job descriptions. To create meaningful, long-term partnerships, there must be a connection between the candidate and the company on a deeper level.

Understanding the kinds of personalities that would be best suited to the culture of a particular workplace requires insight and intuition on the part of the recruiter. Being able to assess which candidates would thrive in a specific setting can be critical in successfully placing candidates and ensuring client satisfaction.

Relationship builder

The ability to build a strong network of contacts and create long-lasting partnerships with clients is crucial for recruiters. By making a genuine bond with clients, it’s possible to gain deeper insight into their requirements and offer them a superior level of service. This, in turn, can generate repeat business and even result in referrals.

While having the gift of the gab certainly helps when building relationships, being a great listener is even more critical. Letting clients know that they have your full and undivided attention can help to make them feel confident that they have found the right recruiter for their needs. This can form the perfect foundation for a productive relationship that can go the distance.

Positive and resilient

Recruitment is a fast-paced industry, which can sometimes present challenges in the working day. Resilience is an important personality trait for headhunters who may have to overcome setbacks and find alternative solutions to problems positively and proactively.

A passion for the industry

Unsurprisingly, a passion for recruitment and a genuine desire to provide your clients with the support they need to grow and thrive are essential traits. As well as making your professional life fulfilling and enjoyable, having a passion for the industry can give you the boost you need to go the extra mile for your clients and provide unrivalled service that will ensure their long-term loyalty.  

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