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Non-Executive Director Academy

As well as specialising in senior and board-level recruitment, MM Search also focuses on securing sought-after Chair and Non-Executive Director positions.

We launched our Non-Executive Director Academy in early 2020 as a complementary service following increased demand from companies and candidates looking to broaden their portfolio. The Academy aims to break down the barriers to becoming a Non-Executive Director and outline the extensive benefits of hiring a Non-Executive Director as part of your business.

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Non-Executive Director – What is Expected?

“A well-balanced board of well-chosen Executive and Non-Executive Directors, with the chairman’s leadership and co-ordination, should provide a totally integrated team to shape the destiny of the company, ensure its profitable performance and safeguard its interests.”

Institute of Directors

Key Points to Remember as a Non-Executive Director

  • Try to stay positive and provide constructive input
  • Remain objective and impartial
  • Keep the focus on board matters and be brief
  • Consider what is right, rather than who is wrong
  • Ensure you are adequately informed ahead of the meeting

Since the Non-Executive Director Academy launch, we have successfully placed numerous Non-Executive Directors across multiple sectors and organisations, and we continue to develop our offering and build on our database of candidates.

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