Almost a year into lockdown...

Health and wellbeing in the workplace is more important than ever – because we are all now 'living at work’ and not merely ‘working from home’…

At MM Search we take our mental health seriously; our team are our superpower, if we don’t look after US, we can’t support our clients to the best of our ability.

During this past year, we have been reflecting on our learnings from our sessions with health and wellbeing consultant Melanie Higginbotham more than ever.

As a trained kinesiology therapist, Mel has encouraged the whole team at MM Search to look after their wellbeing, from simple things like the importance of hydration to separating the blurred lines of ‘living at work’ and how we need to be more in the moment to get the best out of ourselves during an unsettling time. Mel’s focus is on integrated healing, a version of kinesiology which taps into the human body’s natural intelligence. Her approach uses a combination of modern psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, physiology and kinesiology.

Mel has worked with everyone in our team to help them unlock anything that will stand in their way for reaching their full potential. Ken Morrice was the initial driver of this initiative over 18 months ago, he was already committed to the powers of kinesiology but Jen Gillan our Marketing Insights Manager, wasn’t so sure.

As a busy mum of two girls under four, Jen’s childcare support disappeared overnight during the pandemic and over the past year she has worked around nursery closures and social distancing with both young kids at home – so if someone needed mindfulness and mental wellbeing support Jen was in most need!

Jen Gillan: “I was definitely sceptical before my first session with Mel, but mindfulness has been my saviour during the past 12 months of limited and at times non-existent childcare. While juggling the marketing demands of a growing ambitious business and marketing campaigns that grow arms and legs, I needed to find my balance when I wasn’t working.

“Mel has encouraged me to focus on higher-level emotions such as gratitude, appreciation and compassion because it is important for this to counterbalance the overwhelm. It is hard to put into words what this has meant to me over the past year, but I know that by taking a break and focusing I am able to retune my mindset for better clarity both at work and at home.”

Ken Morrice: “I have been open-minded to the opportunities that kinesiology can bring for a number of years which was why I wanted to bring this into the team at MM Search and to our clients, I knew they would love it, but they may have needed some convincing!

“Personally, I have realised the benefits of ‘being present’ as a key takeaway I have had from my sessions with Mel and I am passionate that as a fast-paced team we need to take care of ourselves to work to the best of our ability in the long run, and this year has been no exception. Wellbeing is an integral aspect of our executive search business.”

Mel Higginbotham said: “Integrated Healing is more important now than ever, it is seen as a subtle therapy that has strong powers, and allows us to access and work on the habits and programming stored in the deepest parts of our being. It works to help us achieve balance and a more positive mindset. This in turn leads to greater levels of focus, creativity and productivity and helps to create a positive working environment. “When an employer invests in their employees’ wellbeing, there can be significant beneficial effects, including a workforce that feels valued, improved employee relations, stress reduction, increased levels of emotional and mental resilience, less burnout, decreased absenteeism…the list goes on.”