Celebrating the return of the Six Nations with a clear mindset and a positive attitude

Rugby, much like every sport, has been hit heavily and ripped apart with numerous cancellations and postponements. From kids sports to adult amateur leagues, all levels have felt the real effects of the social distancing rules which have resulted in lack of training, spectating and of course lack of games being played.

As the headline corporate club sponsor of Greenock Wanderers (GWRFC), and with a corporate coach that is none other than rugby legend Tony Stanger from Stanger Pro, myself and the team at MM Search were devasted when the season abruptly ended in 2020…

However, against all odds, the winter rugby season looks set to commence, with the return of the Six Nations this weekend, it is due to run from Saturday 6 February to 20 March (sadly this time around it will only be the Men’s tournament, as the 2021 Women’s Six Nations is still postponed due to the pandemic, but we have our fingers crossed this will be resolved soon!)

As a (corporate) team, we have been reflecting on our rugby connections, both from our sponsorship of GWRFC but also the sports mindset that is encouraged by Tony.

The attitude of elite sports professionals is central to Tony’s work, which is something to be admired particularly during these times of uncertainty. Just by looking at the GWRFC teams, we are heartened by their spirit against the backdrop of the current restrictions, it is truly admirable.

Our relationship with our own business coach has also been more important than ever over the last few months. Tony brings his vast experience in the world of elite sport to both the (virtual) boardroom and in the midst of the pandemic fall out his positivity and attitude has been vital.

Human connection, albeit restricted is key to keeping both our team at MM Search strong but also in the world of sport, positivity and aiming to feel as ‘human’ as possible is important, using time wisely is also critical.

Tony’s level head, years of coaching executives and considered approach has enabled us to raise both ours and our client’s levels of performance. One of the key points Tony has raised is that everyone has to play a part in getting through this difficult time and that recovery is all about people and the team ethos – and as a people business, this certainly rings true for us.

Over the next few months, we are looking forward to some good sports on tv (and hopefully at the grassroots level too!) and even more team engagement to keep our mindset healthy both within the MM Search family and beyond.