Leaning on and leaning-in to peers in Scotland

It was a real privilege to have been invited by Entrepreneurial Scotland to interview the potential Saltire Scholars for 2021 at a virtual event in January this year. Huge congratulations to all interviewees for their enthusiasm and passion, I was seriously impressed and blown away by their commitment.

It was a great insight into the next generation of business leaders in Scotland. The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme is really important for the future of Scottish talent, particularly now – it matches high-potential undergraduates from Scottish universities with leading global and entrepreneurial companies.

Internships are a vital way to unlock graduate potential for the future and as a current member of the Saltire Leaders Catalyst Programme, I was delighted to be part of this initiative.

I joined the Saltire Leaders Catalyst programme “Conscious Leadership” at the start of June 2020 and now I am over halfway through the course, the aim of the course is to learn the fundamental concepts, methods, and tools of innovation, growth and conscious leadership.

Run by Entrepreneurial Scotland and Babson College, the programme has been designed to bring global perspective and international insight into the continuing professional development of business leaders in Scotland.

Initially, I was drawn to the conscious leadership course because it offers unique immersion in a challenging and action-orientated entrepreneurial culture. But it has given me so much more.

I am really proud to be part of Scotland’s community of leaders who are looking to develop in conscious leadership, and to work alongside those who are unapologetic about their desire to both do well but also do good.