Neil Alan Stevenson holds a variety of Non-Executive positions across several organisations

CEO of Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC), Neil also holds a variety of Non-Executive positions across several organisations, including Notably.

Neil is Chair of the Board of Changing the Chemistry, a diverse group that seeks to improve organisational effectiveness by increasing the diversity of thought on all types of boards and offers skills in a peer-to-peer support network providing practical assistance to help individual’s secure non-executive positions.

Neil answers this question put to him by Peter Queen:

How do we embrace the stark increase in the numbers of gender specific organisations & bodies such that they create equality and not division in the workplace and wider society?

Can you suggest the three best skills a Non-Executive Director should bring to a board?

Neil answers the question of age in relation to becoming a Non-Executive Director:

A question about the kind of commitment that may be involved in a NED role?

We are delighted that Neil will be sharing more of his insights as a Non-Exec Director at our forthcoming Non-Exec Director Academy event.