One year at MM Search and almost one year in lockdown...

Danielle Mullen, Business Support Manager

Moving from a large corporate to a boutique executive search firm last year was a leap of faith for me – and that is not because I didn’t completely ‘buy in’ to the MM Search philosophy and their executive search offering but because it was a huge opportunity for me professionally.

Was I up to the challenge to leave a comfy corporate for a bold boutique?! You bet!

The big benefit of working as a Business Support Manager with a burgeoning business like MM Search is that you get to be part of everything, from all aspects, from marketing to board reporting and international recruitment searches.

Looking back to my first day in the office in March 2020 I never thought I was going to spend the majority of my first year with my new employer in my own home…. I am a people person which goes with the territory of working with candidates and clients so working remotely felt completely at odds with my natural persona at first.

But like with all things, we adapt and hopefully thrive with what is thrown at us, and I am still amazed at how far as a team we have come in a year. Working from our respective homes, kitchens, home offices, spare bedrooms (even gardens when the weather allows!) we have come together as a team both socially with virtual drinks but also working internationally but completely virtually.

During lockdown, we have also expanded the team with the appointment of Jonny Waugh as Associate Partner and Rory Cleat as Business Delivery Executive. Perhaps I have become closer to some of my colleagues than if I was sharing an office with them because we are virtually in touch so regularly.

If someone told me a year ago that I would work from home and spend a huge chunk of my time liaising with candidates in New York, London and India I would not have believed them. We are now working across 20 countries and we pride ourselves on being digital-first but while offering an entirely personal approach to international executive search – and this is the year that we proved it is indeed possible to do both.