Why hire an interim COO, and when is the right time to do it?

The interim executive marketplace is more vibrant than ever. This skilled workforce is rising in demand with clear benefits for businesses that need first-class professionals to support their operations instantly, which is why more companies are approaching us in their quest for top-flight interim COO’s.

The big question businesses often ask us is what an interim COO can do for their organisation and when is the right time to hire…

1. Hiring an interim COO can be an excellent opportunity to test the waters if you haven’t appointed a COO within the business before. An interim offers the opportunity for you to see first-hand how this role will fit in with the existing team without the commitment of a permanent hire. Perhaps your business is at an exciting transition period, and there is an appetite for developing the senior team at some point. This is often when an interim COO may be the solution to help determine if this will be a good future fit.

2. When one COO leaves, and there is a need to replace the position, the last thing any business wants is to make a rush hire, often having to wait for the best permanent fit will be the only option. An interim COO can fill that void without rushing into permanent employment.

3. During times of change and growth within a business, it can be conducive to have a fresh perspective that can deliver operational efficiencies. Bringing in instant high-level COO expertise in a particular area can help a business during times of change, particularly when a company is developing an opportunity or improving communication across the business.

MM Search supports businesses searching for high-level contractors and interim positions. We scour the market and tap into our cohort of tried and tested senior executives who are much more than a safe pair of hands; they bring new viewpoints opportunities and instant support. We find the right people that will fit an organisation instantly. We are working with a mix of businesses seeing the benefits an interim can bring to their organisation, such as Windhoist, Zotefoams, KCA Deutag and Gordon Timber.