From what started as a request for an internship position, MM Search initially offered Andrew Jardine the role of Client Engagement Executive, which he balanced alongside his Marketing and Sports Degree at Stirling University. This flexible role offered Andrew both paid employment while also being able to get real business experience which he balanced alongside his university holidays and term time commitments.

Now set to graduate this summer, Andrew will continue to grow with the team at MM Search in a full-time position.

We asked Andrew to reflect on his first 12 months with MM Search….

“12 things I learned about Executive Search in months at MM Search”…

1. How to multitask and balance different parts of my life – I have been working part-time, studying in my final year of university, writing my dissertation, and playing rugby twice a week and on weekends!

2. Meeting new people is a skill – I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people over the past 12 months and learn about different businesses and how they operate; it has been both interesting and enlightening.

3. Every industry is different – we work across all sectors; one day, I can be working with a client from manufacturing, the next one from retail and then one from Aerospace.

4. Building on my communication skills – I have enjoyed honing my communication skills and developing different ways to reach potential clients.

5. Learning all aspects of the MM Search business – I decided early on to write my dissertation on MM Search, and this has enabled me to interview some members of the team and fully understand the industry as a whole.

6. Collaborating with colleagues – we are a close-knit team at MM Search; everyone has their part to play in the process and works well as a team.

7. Being creative – I have enjoyed finding innovative ways to target new clients.

8. Celebrating successes – we live by the ethos of working hard, playing hard at MM Search, enjoying quarterly events and celebrating promotions and anniversaries; most recently, we went to Top Golf and Escape rooms, which were both brilliant – brought out everyone’s competitiveness.

9. Attending networking events isn’t as daunting as I once thought: As members of WeDo and Glasgow Chamber, attending events has allowed me to meet new people and expand my professional network.

10. Embracing technology – we use technology as an integral part of our process, and I have enjoyed learning about and implementing new tools to assist with my role.

11. Support is key! I have been hugely supported and encouraged by Ken, Derek and the rest of the team, which has been invaluable to me over the past year. They also keep my rugby career through the MM Athletes programme, which is hugely appreciated. This has allowed me to thrive in my role at MM Search and also put the same amount of effort into my final year at University.

12. Time management skills are critical in a fast-paced executive search environment; setting realistic deadlines and sticking to them has been hugely beneficial to getting the job done.

MM Search is proud to be Player Sponsor for Andrew Jardine at Biggar Rugby Club.

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