In today’s dynamic business landscape, finding and securing top-tier talent for senior management positions can be a challenging task. The competition for exceptional leaders is fierce, and businesses need a strategic advantage to attract and retain the best-fit candidates. That’s where MM Search comes in – a trusted partner in executive search and recruitment.

At MM Search, we specialise in senior management recruitment, bringing unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the intricacies and demands of the executive search process. We leverage our extensive network, industry insights, and years of experience to identify, attract, and secure the most talented leaders for your organisation.

Despite all of the above, we still encounter the same question often – why should I pay an agency when I can find talent myself? Like every other business offering a service, there are many reasons to use an agency rather than going it alone. Here are just some of the main advantages of partnering with a recruitment firm when it comes to sourcing top-tier talent.

Don’t just take our word for it, one of our clients Stewart Shaw CBPS recently said:

“The team at MM Search were extremely attentive in the whole process and opened our eyes up to the available talent pool they have extensive contact with, some of whom we as a company would never have been able to make contact with on our own behalf “

Partnering with MM Search for your senior management recruitment needs provides a distinct advantage in today’s competitive business landscape. Our unmatched expertise, extensive network, customised approach, proactive search methodology, commitment to confidentiality, and long-term partnership mindset set us apart from the rest.

We are passionate about unlocking your organisation’s success by finding the right leaders who will drive growth, innovation, and lasting impact. If this is something you would like to explore further, get in touch directly – or call me on 07930 399 665.

As the tech industry rapidly evolves, finding the right leadership talent becomes crucial for success. That’s where we come in! We are Scotland’s fastest growing, award-winning Executive Search firm and we specialise in working with our clients to secure the very best senior talent to join their organisation. In this blog, we will explore the transformative power of collaboration, specifically when it comes to IT/Tech hiring requirements, and the importance of partnering with the right Executive Search firm to secure top-tier talent.

Searching for experienced IT/Tech executives can be a time-consuming and complex task. Leveraging our expertise, industry knowledge, and extensive network, MM Search ensures a streamlined search process. We take care of the nitty-gritty details, allowing you to focus on core business operations while we identify, screen, and present you with the most qualified candidates.

At MM Search, we’ve revolutionised our shortlisting process by leveraging innovative technology. No more time-consuming face-to-face meetings with every candidate. Instead, we present our clients with a carefully curated shortlist that includes a customised competency document and a compelling elevator pitch for each candidate, truly bringing their CVs to life. By doing this, we accelerate the process, allowing our clients to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the candidates early on, well before interviews take place.

We acknowledge that diversity is a key driver of innovation and growth. By partnering with MM Search, you gain access to our vast talent pool consisting of diverse IT/Tech professionals. We understand the importance of building inclusive teams that bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. With our network, we can connect you with exceptional candidates who embody diversity, ensuring your organisation embraces inclusivity and the benefits it brings.

Whether you are a start-up just beginning the journey or a well-established organisation, hiring the wrong executive can have detrimental consequences for your company and its culture. We understand the risks involved and work diligently to mitigate them. Our rigorous screening and assessment processes, combined with thorough reference checks, help minimise the risk of a bad hire. We go the extra mile to ensure that every candidate presented to you is a perfect fit for your unique organisational needs and culture. This is one of our key points of differentiation as we take the time to get to know and understand our clients and their requirements.

Another key point to note is that maintaining confidentiality during the executive search process can be crucial. Many of the clients we work with prefer to conduct a search confidentially. We fully understand the sensitivity surrounding executive-level hires and handle our engagements with the utmost discretion. If a confidential search is required, our protocols ensure that our clients’ information remains secure and undisclosed until they decide to move forward with a candidate.

At MM Search, we don’t just focus on short-term placements—we prioritise building long-term relationships. We aim to understand your organisation’s culture, values, and aspirations. This understanding allows us to identify candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with your company’s vision. Our goal is to find you the perfect executive leader who will drive your organisation’s success for years to come. Our partnership doesn’t stop at hiring. We collaborate across different areas of your business, assisting in sculpting teams for the future with top-tier talent. It’s our commitment to fostering your success and growth.

If you’re looking to take your organisation to the next level, reach out to me, Ryan Harper – for a confidential chat. Together, we can shape the future of your IT/Tech leadership team.

It’s been a while since we brought you an update on our very own MM Athlete and founding Managing Partner, Ken Morrice. 2023 has been an exceptional year for Ken, as he represented Great Britain in several European and World Championship competitions across Europe. These competitions showcased Ken’s remarkable talent, endurance, and commitment as he competed against some of the very best athletes in his age group from around the world.

Despite travelling across the globe every month for the past 5 months to compete at this level, Ken has also managed to continue to run a successful business with MM Search having just ended their fifth year of trading on a high, seeing a 32% increase in revenue from 2022.

Ken says: “It’s been quite a journey this year, and I’m immensely grateful for the hard work, support, and dedication of the team at MM Search. The support I have received from the team, my family and friends and my wider network has truly blown me away and this is what motivates me to keep going. When I am competing, I can give it my full focus knowing that Derek and our incredible team have everything under control. It’s their unwavering commitment and drive that makes us stand out in the executive search industry and helps us forge meaningful partnerships with our clients.”

This year, Ken competed in the World Aquathlon Championships in Ibiza, the 2023 European Standard Distance Triathlon Championships in Madrid, the European Aquathlon Championships in Menen, Belgium and the World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Hamburg. Last weekend he travelled to Pontevedra Spain for his final competition of the year which was the World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships. With exceptional consistency, Ken secured an impressive 9th place in each of the European races and 13th across the World championships.

The team at MM Search proudly support and sponsor Ken, with our logo emblazoned across his chest, visible on a global stage as he competes. More recently, Ken has joined forces with Tempus Clothing who, like MM Search, are a challenger brand making noise within their industry. They are leading the way in making quality and environmentally friendly cycling apparel and in Ken’s words; “it is some of the best cycling gear I have ever worn!”

Stacey from Tempus told us what the partnership means to them:

“Tempus is honoured to stand by Ken as he embarks on his remarkable journey as part of the GB Age Group Team, showcasing our products and brand on a global stage. We truly feel that together we are writing a story of determination and achievement and are part of Ken’s success story.”

Ken had some extra special supporters join him at a few competitions this year – his wife and two sons in Hamburg, and his dad in Belgium. While it added pressure, it was offset by his biggest fans seeing him compete at this level in person.

As the Championships come to an end for this year, MM Search begins their 6th year strong, partnering with new clients to transform their senior leadership hiring. Our commitment to long-term clients remains, helping to shape their teams across every discipline from Operations to Sales, Marketing to Tech. There is lots to come from MM Search and as a committed MM Athlete, Ken may or may not have mentioned potential IronMan 2024 participation… Stay tuned!

Recently we held our first ‘MM Insights’ with industry expert Neil McDonald, formerly VP Technical and Supply Chain for Coca Cola. Neil’s extensive international business experience and proven track record of delivering business performance improvement and innovative solutions across all business disciplines both operationally and through major cross functional projects made him the ideal choice of expert to discuss the impact AI is having on Procurement and Supply Chain industry.

We delved into several questions over the course of the interview and have broken these down into short videos that will be shared across our socials in the coming weeks. This blog highlights some of the key insights covered by Neil.

The subject of the interview was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the impact on the supply chain industry. AI refers to the development and use of computer systems that can perform tasks and make decisions that would typically require human intelligence. In simple terms, AI takes data and turns it into information, this is then turned into insights and the insight are used to mimic human decision making.

One of the first things we discussed with Neil was whether we should be afraid of AI. While some have expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of AI, such as job loss and ethical considerations, it is important to recognise the potential benefits that AI can bring to the supply chain industry.

Neil identified that AI can bring efficiency and cost savings to the supply chain, helping a company to make good database decisions that will in turn improve processes. The technology has become much more accessible in recent times, making it more available and easier to implement. However, it is important to understand what you and your organisation can gain from the technology before you deploy it.

As with any new technology, there are always going to be challenges. Neil identified that lack of knowledge around its capabilities can be a downfall. In addition, the sensationalised media coverage surrounding generative AI can influence people’s perceptions. Neil advises to ‘Stop, think and understand’ before implementing.

There are numerous benefits to using this technology effectively, the most pertinent from a supply chain perspective being forecasting. AI looks at multiple sources and databases and runs algorithms to build a forecasting model that is more substantial than the one you may currently be working with. While it might not be perfect from the offset, over time this can be altered to create an extremely effective forecasting model, in turn allowing for better certainty, improved planning and meeting demand.

One of the biggest fear factors from the candidate market when it comes to AI is that a robot will take over their job. Neil advised that the need for human involvement remains as strong as ever, maintaining the need to keep it personal to avoid disenfranchised staff. There needs to be an understanding about how to take the expertise of the technology and use it to the organisation’s advantage, which can only be done if you have the skills and knowledge about the industry and a complete understanding on how this will work in your organisation. Neil makes the point clear – you need people with experience to compliment what you can bring with AI.

Neil touched on sustainability as a hot topic, explaining that the 3 key challenges in supply chain have always been cost, quality and quantity. Now the added factor of sustainability through managing carbon gives another challenge making the process even more complicated. One of the benefits that AI can bring to the table is that the data can help you understand your own carbon footprint as well as the wider supply chain and gives you the opportunity to use it to share best practises.

Thank you to Neil for joining us to provide his invaluable insights on this topic. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and were able to take some key nuggets of information to help with the ever-changing world that is AI.

For the full interview, click here.

I decided I wanted to work in recruitment when…

About a year after graduating from University, some of my friends who worked in recruitment recommended that I look into it as they thought I would be a great fit. I applied for a role at MM Search through an advert on LinkedIn, and the rest is history!

I joined the MM Search team…

I joined at the start of August, after applying on LinkedIn, Natalie reached out then I met with Ken and Derek. The supportive, friendly vibe of the company was so apparent from my first few meetings, I knew this was the company for me!

The first thing I do when I get to the office is…

Get a coffee and check my emails!

My working day involves…

My day involves supporting Natalie and the rest of the resourcing team on live roles, reaching out to potential candidates, getting involved in client briefings and setting up calls with the lead consultant working on the role. I am still learning the processes and systems, but have been very hands on since day one which is such a great way to learn!

My greatest professional strength is…

Communication and organisation.

The highlight of my career so far was when…

I would say joining MM Search, so far I am thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to what is still to come!

The thing I love most about working with the MM Search team…

I love working with the team, everyone is so supportive and friendly, the culture really shines through every member of the team. It is the kind of environment I always envisaged myself working in.

When I’m not in work, you’ll usually find me…

Walking my dog, out with friends or family or on the sofa with wine!

My motto is…

Better an oops than a what if…

My goals for 2023…

To progress and advance my career at MM Search and on a personal note, to pass my driving test by the end of the year!

My secret skill/party piece is…

I used to be a bartender so I am a great cocktail maker – my friends call me the hostess with the mostest!

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I got my friend a bracelet for her birthday.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A dog as I see myself as outgoing, sociable and very energetic!

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

Loyal, optimistic ad sociable.

How would your colleagues describe you in 3 words?

Outgoing, bubbly and supportive.  

I decided I wanted to work in recruitment when…
I trained as a teacher initially at University, however within the first few months of my probation year I realised it wasn’t for me. After a short stint travelling round South East Asia, my friend recommended a job in recruitment and the rest is history!

I joined the MM Search team…
I joined at the start of August. I was recommended the company by one of my previous bosses and after meeting Ken and Derek and hearing the vision for the company, particularly the opportunity to grow the IT/Tech division and make it my own, I knew it was the role for me!

The first thing I do when I get to the office is…

Try to get to grips with the coffee machine for my coffee fix – I will get the hang of it one day!

My working day involves…

I spend a lot of my day connecting with newly funded tech startups and SMEs, advising on their senior talent acquisition and assisting where I can. I also actively manage my extensive network, proactively supporting clients and candidates in their senior hiring strategies.

My greatest professional strength is…

I am very good at reading people which helps me adapt to any situation I am put in.

The highlight of my career so far was when…

In my previous role, I led an extensive project to encourage women into tech roles. With a targeted campaign, we placed over 150 candidates and opened up opportunities for those who may not have applied otherwise. It was a rewarding achievement and one I consider to be a highlight of my career so far!

The thing I love most about working with the MM Search team…

Everyone in the team is so driven and motivated which his extremely exciting to work amongst. While everyone has their own set goals, we very much work together as a tight knit team, supporting and collaborating to help each other meet our goals.

When I’m not in work, you’ll usually find me…

Either teaching hot yoga, planning my next trip or with my cat, Simon.

My motto is…

Everything happens for a reason…

My goals for 2023…
To establish myself as the go to person for senior IT roles across Scotland and the UK.

My secret skill/party piece is…
I can hold a head stand for 10 minutes – PS don’t try this at home, I am a trained professional!

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I got my parents a trip to Venice – joint birthday and anniversary gift!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

An elephant – I felt such a connection to them when I visited an elephant sanctuary in SE Asia.

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

Loyal, driven and outgoing.

How would your colleagues describe you in 3 words?
Driven, motivated and confident.

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the game requires a keen understanding of the trends shaping the senior recruitment marketplace. At MM Search, we are dedicated to providing our clients and candidates with the latest insights and analysis, ensuring they make informed decisions when recruiting top-tier executives. Below I explore some of the key trends that we have identified over the past 12 months and the impact these are having on the senior recruitment market.

The Rise of Digital Leadership
As technology continues to reshape industries, the demand for executives with digital expertise is skyrocketing. From chief technology officers to chief digital officers, businesses are seeking leaders well-versed in digital transformation, innovation, and data-driven decision-making. Our experience is showing that executives proficient in leveraging emerging technologies will be in high demand in the coming years.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusion and diversity have moved from merely being buzzwords to being critical for business success. As companies recognise the value of varied perspectives, the need for diverse executive leadership becomes apparent. This was highlighted further during our recent HR Leaders Community event by several HR Directors acknowledging this shift and the impact it was having on their executive leadership teams.

Global Leadership in the Spotlight
With globalisation continuing to shape business landscapes, organisations must seek leaders with a global mindset and cross-cultural understanding. At MM Search, we are finding that executives who can navigate the intricacies of international markets and manage diverse teams will be highly sought-after in the future. There has been a rise amongst our clients looking for candidates with a proven track record of expanding business operations across borders, with the ability to adapt to different cultural norms and drive success on a global scale.

Agile Leadership for Uncertain Times
In an era of rapid change and volatility, agile leadership has emerged as a critical skill set. Business leaders need to be adaptable, quick-thinking, and capable of making tough decisions in uncertain times – something that we are embracing at MM Search as we enter into our 6th Year of trading.

The Impact of Remote Work and Virtual Leadership
The global shift towards remote work has significantly influenced the executive search marketplace. Companies now seek leaders with the ability to effectively engage and lead virtual teams. More and more clients are identifying that virtual leadership is set to become a key differentiator in the search for top talent.

At MM Search, we understand the complexities of the executive search market, with combined experience of over 30 years within the industry. Our analysis of current and future trends serves as a compass for businesses seeking to attract and retain top-notch leadership. From the rise of digital expertise to the imperative of diversity and global leadership, we stay ahead of the curve, enabling our clients and candidates to make strategic and informed decisions.

Contact us today to leverage our expertise and embark on your journey towards securing your next senior leader. Email us at or call us on 0141 404 0433.

At MM Search, we understand that finding the right executive candidate goes beyond just technical skills and experience. Cultural fit is a critical component that is often overlooked, yet it plays a significant role in shaping an organisation’s success and growth. In today’s competitive job market, we have identified that candidates and clients alike must prioritise cultural fit to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Based on our own experience, we want to share some useful advice to both clients and candidates on understanding the importance of cultural fit in executive hiring.

To the Clients:

As a client, it’s essential to identify and articulate your organisation’s culture, values, and goals to potential candidates. Establishing cultural fit begins with a clear understanding of your organisation’s ethos and vision.  This is something we took into consideration earlier this year at MM Search as we look to continue to grow our own team. We brought in a specialist to help us redefine and clarify our company values and mission statement, an extremely worthwhile exercise that the whole team bought in to.

Most importantly, in the early stages – clearly communicating your expectations and requirements regarding desired cultural alignment sets the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership between your organisation and your new hire.

To the Candidates:

As a candidate, take the initiative to research the organisational culture and assess how it aligns with your own values and work style. Remember, cultural fit is a two-way street, and it is vital to ensure that you are comfortable with the organisation’s culture and expectations. A good fit will lead to job satisfaction and long-term career growth, while a poor match may lead to a challenging work environment and stunted career growth.

When we work with a client at MM Search, we hold an initial briefing meeting at the proposal stage, giving us an insight into the client’s culture and requirements. This comprehensive understanding then allows us to communicate this effectively to potential candidates, allowing us to ensure the shortlisted candidates are a true cultural fit.

Overall, understanding the importance of cultural fit in executive hiring is key for both clients and candidates. Clients must articulate their organisation’s culture, values, and goals, while candidates should take the initiative to research and assess cultural alignment. At MM Search, we prioritise cultural fit and strive to partner with organisations and candidates who share this same commitment to growth and development. By doing so, we create lasting partnerships built on mutual understanding and trust, delivering transformative outcomes for everyone involved.

At MM Search, we strive to provide innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by our clients in the recruitment process. In a recent poll, I asked industry professionals what they considered to be their biggest challenge in the recruitment process, and the results were both enlightening and in line with the current trends in the talent acquisition landscape.

Unsurprisingly, the poll revealed that finding qualified candidates is the primary challenge faced by recruiters, with a staggering 50% of respondents citing it as their biggest hurdle. The ever-expanding skills gap and the increasing demand for specialised skill sets pose a significant challenge for organisations seeking top-tier talent.

To address this challenge, we are finding that organisations need to adopt a proactive approach. Implementing comprehensive training programs and fostering a culture of continuous learning are just some of the ways to bridge the skills gap and attract qualified candidates. At MM Search, we combine our industry knowledge with data-driven techniques to identify and attract exceptional talent that possesses the required expertise and cultural fit. This approach, coupled with our full understanding of our client’s culture and requirements, is performed by our dedicated in house resourcing team and experienced head-hunters, taking the hassle and time consuming recruitment search out of our client’s hands. 

Further results showed that 29% of respondents expressed their struggle in retaining top talent. In a competitive job market, organisations must go beyond attractive compensation packages to create a positive work environment that fosters employee growth and satisfaction.

One of the ways to achieve this is by focusing on employee engagement, providing opportunities for professional development, and recognising achievements. By fostering a culture of transparency, trust, and open communication, organisations can enhance employee loyalty and reduce turnover. At MM Search, we partner with clients who prioritise employee satisfaction and value long-term relationships with their employees. Similarly, this is mirrored in the long-term relationships we build with each of our clients, becoming their go-to partner when they have a role requirement across any part of their business.

Budget constraints were voiced by 21% of poll participants as a significant challenge in their recruitment process. We understand, particularly in the market we find ourselves in today, that organisations have to balance cost-effectiveness with the need to attract the best talent. It’s crucial to optimise resources, streamline the hiring process, and leverage innovative technological tools to improve efficiency without compromising quality.

By embracing technology and taking advantage of digital platforms, organisations can reduce recruitment costs, reach a wider talent pool, and streamline the overall process. At MM Search, we harness the power of data analytics, AI, and machine learning to identify top talent and ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service while remaining cost-conscious. We work with our clients on a retained basis, giving them a cost-effective solution to hiring the very best talent.

At MM Search, we recognise that these recruitment challenges aren’t isolated incidents but rather common obstacles faced by organisations globally. By acknowledging these hurdles and working collaboratively with our clients, we can overcome them together.

Our team remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, equipping our consultants with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate these challenges effectively. We are here to support businesses in finding solutions and securing the very best talent the market has to offer.

At MM Search, we take pride in continuously delivering value to the business community. In light of our successful Non-Executive Director Academy and Future Leaders Forum, we are excited to present our latest initiative: the HR Leaders Community. As a leading executive search firm, we recognise the importance of connecting HR professionals from across industries to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices. Our newest platform aims to create an environment that fosters collaboration, enabling HR leaders to gain insights and guidance crucial to their success. We remain committed to achieving excellence in the industry, and the launch of this community is a testament to our drive to empower professionals and promote growth and development.

MM Search’s HR Leaders Community invites top HR professionals to participate in a roundtable series, where they can exchange valuable insights and experiences with like-minded individuals. By providing a supportive and collaborative environment, MM Search aims to develop a community of HR professionals that fosters learning, growth, and development. We are proud to bring together such accomplished professionals to share their knowledge and facilitate meaningful conversations that will have a lasting impact on the HR industry.

Our Associate Partner, Rachael Brooks added: “While we are generalists working across all sectors, my focus is on HR and Professional Services at MM Search. Scotland boasts a diverse range of sectors, from technology and finance to manufacturing and healthcare. I have had the privilege of collaborating with HR leaders from all these sectors and more, witnessing firsthand their dedication, expertise, and innovative approaches to human resources. We’re committed to providing a platform where HR professionals can share their knowledge, stay informed on the latest industry trends, and continue to develop professionally.”

If you have attended an MM Search event, you’ll know that we encourage informal and open conversations. Our goal is to ensure that attendees make the most out of the evening, gaining valuable insights and connections while enjoying themselves.

Our first event is scheduled for Thursday 17th August in Glasgow and will be attended by 8 HR leaders from varying sectors. If you are an HR leader within a Scottish business, we invite you to join our distinguished network of professionals. Together, we can push the boundaries of HR excellence and drive positive change in the Scottish business landscape.

Get in touch with Rachael Brooks – to learn more about the benefits and opportunities that our HR Leaders Community has to offer and to find out about future events.

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