The urgency of the climate crisis means that many companies are now recruiting talent that can help them to develop and implement strategies that will further their net-zero journey.

May 2022

MM Search Business Delivery Manager, Euan Bodie, looks at how businesses in Scotland have renewed their focus on environmental issues in the wake of the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November 2021.

Although the climate crisis is not a new issue, COP26 and its publicity served to underline the urgency of the challenge. Six months from COP26, there is now a fundamental understanding that climate change is an issue that everyone must engage with if the carbon emission targets are to be met. As a result, more companies than ever are making significant changes to their policies and strategies to support the net-zero goal and create more sustainable ways of working.

This shift has led to more green jobs, both within the environmental sector and in businesses seeking the talent that will support them to build and implement their net-zero strategies. Many environmentally focused companies we work with, such as SEM, Windhoist, Harpers Environmental, 3T Energy Group and Agrecalc, are now hiring across the board with positions available from graduate to senior management level.

At MM Search, we are also embracing the legacy of COP26 and looking inwards to challenge our existing practices and seek alternative ways of working. We have already made several operational changes to fulfil our environmental commitments, such as implementing digital solutions that reduce the need for emission-generating travel and enhancing our recycling policies. But the work here is never done!

Also, as part of our sustainability commitments, we are working to forge relationships with more companies within the environmental and renewable sectors so that we can assist them in taking their next steps. We are actively seeking to speak to candidates who are currently within these key growth areas or who are interested in making the transition to a career within an environmentally focused role.

Over the next year, as we move closer to the deadlines set out in the Paris Agreement, we expect to see more companies recruiting for roles that will ensure they are ahead of the sustainability curve. From ESG coordinators to energy managers and sustainability consultants, we foresee this area being a key focus for MM Search and the recruitment world as businesses seek to align their working practices with the needs of the planet.

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