Mastering the Art of Communication: Key Strategies for a Successful Hiring Process

May 2023

Mastering the Art of Communication: Key Strategies for a Successful Hiring Process

In today’s job market where candidate availability outstrips demand, candidates have high expectations when it comes to communication during the hiring process – and rightly so!  A recent study found that 63% of candidates are unhappy with the lack of communication they receive from agencies or employers after applying for a job.  The impact of poor communication through the process impacts engagement as is causing candidates to question the employer culture, decision making processes and internal communications.  It also raises questions around leadership style and ability to influence.

In today’s candidate-centric market, enhancing communication and streamlining the recruitment process are essential steps to fostering a positive and successful candidate experience.  If organisations can’t communicate effectively, they risk losing out on top candidates to competitors who can. This is why internal communication matters across the entire employee lifecycle, but particularly in the recruitment stage.

It’s crucial for agencies, when trusted as a partner to prioritise internal communication throughout the entire hiring process.  At MM Search, our commitment to outstanding communication sets us apart, earning consistent recognition and appreciation from both our valued clients and talented candidates alike.  We truly believe that effective communication is essential for co-ordinating interviews, job offers, and locking down top talent in record time.

When it comes to candidate experience, internal communication may not immediately spring to mind, but it has a huge impact on the overall organisational effectiveness. It is important to keep the candidate informed throughout every stage of the process, from acknowledging receipt of their application to providing feedback after interviews. This not only helps to build a positive candidate experience, but it also helps to ensure that candidates remain engaged throughout the hiring process.

This is something that sets us apart from our competitors, one of our candidates recently said:

From the start there was great communication and understanding from the team at MM Search. They took the time to answer any questions I had and took the time to get to know me.” Jessica Newton, Proactis.

Our point of difference at MM Search is market knowledge, excellent delivery, and unrivalled levels of client service. Our process is streamlined, straightforward, innovative, honest and approachable. We help navigate the market for our clients and candidates to ensure we make the best matches every time and we thrive on this challenge.

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