Meet the Team: Jen Gillan

August 2022

Jen Gillan is our Marketing Insights Manager and she is instrumental in sharing the MM Search brand far and wide. She has recently returned to the office after maternity leave and we are delighted to have her back.

I decided I wanted to work in recruitment when…
Ken and Derek offered me the opportunity to make the marketing role my own and build the brand – it was a marketer’s dream! Prior to meeting the team, I didn’t plan to work in the recruitment sector, but that’s the beauty of MM Search, they aren’t a traditional recruiter.

Ken and Derek were really open about sharing their vision and what they wanted to achieve and they’ve done everything they said they would and more. When Ken and Derek tell you something, you can be sure that it isn’t just lip service, they’re honest, transparent and always deliver what they say they will.

I joined the MM Search team…
In June 2019.

The first thing I do when I get to the office is…
Write a to-do list, although it always gets added to through the day. I usually try to sit down one-on-one with the front-facing team members to make sure we have a plan in place for each of them too.

My working day involves…
I look after everything that falls under the marketing heading including corporate branding, sponsorship, events and social media. At the moment I am focusing on organising our next Ellie Soutter Dinner which will be in November 2022 – it’s a big project!

My greatest professional strength is…
Juggling and multitasking! I have three young children and managing to create a balance is definitely a skill!

The highlight of my career so far was when…
We hosted the first Ellie Soutter Dinner. It was quite a tight turnaround, but we really pulled it off and we raised £16,000 for an amazing charity.

The thing I love most about working with the MM Search team is…
The leadership is amazing. I have worked in small businesses and big corporate companies and I have never had managers who are so personable. Ken and Derek strike a great balance of being really approachable and offering guidance and leadership too.

When I’m not at work, you’ll usually find me…
Spending time with my family. We recently joined the David Lloyd gym, which has a great swimming pool for the girls. We try to spend a lot of time there to bring a bit of physical and mental well-being into our day.

My motto is…
Ask, believe, receive – I love The Secret.

My goals for the rest of 2022 are to…
I recently returned to the office after 10 months of maternity leave, so I’m excited to get my teeth into things again. I’m also going to be managing someone for the first time, so my main goals are to be an effective manager and to continue to grow the MM Search brand.

My secret skill/party piece is…
I do love a good dance!

What was the last gift you gave someone?
I have three daughters and I spend my life buying birthday presents for all their friends, so it was a camping Barbie doll!

If you were an animal, what would you be?
One that talks a lot… a parrot!

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?
Funny, kind and a good listener.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Positive, busy and chatty!

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