Meet the Team: Sarah Belbin

October 2022

Sarah Belbin is one of our newest recruits and has joined the team as a Business Delivery Manager, focusing on our recently established technology and digital division.

Sarah Belbin headshot

I decided I wanted to work in recruitment when…
I was interviewing for my first full-time job. The recruiter asked me where I saw myself in five years’ time and I said, ‘Doing your job!’ I started working in recruitment a couple of years later and then the MM Search team reached out to me.

I joined the MM Search team…
In September 2022, just before the business’s fourth birthday.

The first thing I do when I get to the office is…
Check my emails so I can set myself an agenda for the day based on my priorities.

My working day involves…
I’m working within our technology and digital division, and I’m currently focused on making connections with key decision makers so that I can build my client base. 

My greatest professional strength is…
My work ethic. I’m a really hard worker and I’m constantly looking for new opportunities for the business.

The highlight of my career so far was when…
I was offered the job at MM Search! I called my mum and said, ‘I think I’ve just been headhunted!’ – it was a brilliant feeling.

The thing I love most about working with the MM Search team is…
Feeling like I’m part of the team. In my previous role I worked from home and my colleagues could have walked past me in the street and I wouldn’t have known who they were. I love working in the office and being able to bounce ideas off people. It also helps me to grow as it lets me see where I want to be and gives me a goal to reach for.

When I’m not at work, you’ll usually find me…
Socialising with my friends and my boyfriend or getting my steps in by walking my dog.

My motto is…
Faith, trust, and pixie dust – I’m a big Disney fan! 

My goals for the rest of 2022 are to…
Place a candidate for the team and to start bringing in my own clients so that I can make a real difference to the business. On a personal note, I’m also keen to start moving up the property ladder.

My secret skill/party piece is…
I can do a pretty good dolphin impression!

What was the last gift you gave someone?
I bought my boyfriend an iPhone 14 recently as a surprise. His phone was very old and the speakers had stopped working, so it was definitely needed! 

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A lion, and not just because my hair looks a little bit like a mane when it’s wet! I identify with the way they all look after each other within their pride, that’s very important to me.

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?
Responsible, funny and trustworthy.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?
Hardworking, chatty and open.

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