My Executive Search Journey

September 2022

At MM Search we understand that everyone’s career path looks a little different, and we pride ourselves on finding ways to support and accommodate our team members as they grow and progress.

Here, Client Engagement Executive, Andrew Jardine, shares his own unique journey into the world of executive search…

Andrew Jardine, MM Search, playing for Biggar Rugby Club

“From a very young age I was totally obsessed with being a rugby player and when I finished school, I was given an academy contract. I played rugby full-time for two years and during that time I did a six-month scholarship in South Africa and played with the Scotland under-20 squad.

“When I finished my rugby contract, I started studying at Stirling University full-time. My degree is in marketing and sport, I really enjoy the creative aspects of marketing and sport has always been my biggest passion.

“I initially approached Ken and Derek about the possibility of a short-term internship position, but instead they supported me to find a way to work with the team alongside my studies. The flexibility that MM Search offered me has allowed me to take on the role of Client Engagement Executive while still working towards my degree. During term-time I work part-time and then, over the summer, I increased to full-time hours.

“I think creating a balance between work and university has enhanced my studies. The real-world experience that I’ve gained at MM Search has been invaluable and I’ve learned a huge amount about business in a very short time. I’ll be working on my dissertation in the coming year and the hands-on experience I’ve had with the team will really help with the fieldwork aspect of that, as I now have lots of interview experience as well as some great contacts.

“When I go back to university in September things are going to be very busy! I’ll be working with the MM Search team from 9am to 1pm every day and then I’ll focus on my studies in the afternoon. On top of that, rugby is still a huge part of my life and I play for Biggar Rugby Club, which MM Search kindly sponsor. I train at least two nights a week and we have a game every Saturday too. The fact that the club is an hour from Glasgow certainly doesn’t help, but I’ve played there since I was four and it’s very important to me and my family too.

“Sport is important to a lot of the MM Search team and I think there are some parallels between the sporting world and the business. A lot of the values, work ethic and commitment that you need to play high-performance sport are easily transferable into the office. There’s an emphasis on dedication, relationship building and determination in the rugby world and these are crucial to executive search too, I really enjoy the synergy between these two areas of my life.

“The fact that Ken and Derek are so supportive of maintaining a work-life balance has made it possible for me to manage such a full schedule and continue with the sport I love. The next 12 months are certainly going to be busy, but that’s the way I like things – I’m looking forward to it!

MM Search is proud to be Player Sponsor for Andrew Jardine at Biggar Rugby Club.

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