The tech sector – would you make the move?

October 2022

Business Delivery Manager, Ewen MacPhie, shared a poll with his LinkedIn community to find out if they would consider working in the UK’s thriving technology sector.

Credit: Luca Bravo/Unsplash

The technology sector has been growing rapidly over the last year and, in response to the increased demand for candidates, in April 2022 MM Search launched a dedicated technology and digital division. I have been working within this area of the business over the past seven months, and I was interested to find out how my LinkedIn community felt about this booming industry.

In my poll, I asked, ‘Have you considered working in the tech sector?’ and provided four response options: ‘Yes, I already work in tech’, ‘Yes, I like computers’, ‘Yes for the right role’ and ‘Not for me’. Of the respondents, 30% selected that they already worked within the tech sector, 20% said that they like computers, and 37% said they would move into technology for the right role. Only 13% of those who took part selected that they felt the tech sector wasn’t for them.

With several growing tech companies headquartered here in Scotland, the Scottish market is currently crying out for tech talent. This makes it extremely interesting that 57% of my surveyed network would consider a career change that would help to meet this demand and ensure the industry remains buoyant in this country.

Having worked closely with numerous high profile tech companies over the past seven months, including AAC Clyde Space, Talking Medicines, and Content Guru, I would encourage anyone contemplating a career change to consider this blossoming sector. As well as exciting, challenging roles with highly attractive salaries, this industry is filled with dynamic companies that are constantly innovating and evolving.

While many tech roles do require highly specialised knowledge, we are also finding that some businesses are keen to consider candidates from other industries. For example, those with science, engineering or mathematics backgrounds may find that the skills and analytical thinking that they have developed in their previous roles would transfer well to a career in technology. 

From SaaS to online retail, the technology sector covers a huge array of businesses that require a diverse range of candidates with different experience and skills, so don’t miss out on your chance to shine in a new setting.

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