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October 2022

Business Delivery Manager, Euan Bodie, hosted a LinkedIn poll to find out what proportion of his online community have been approached by recruitment consultants on the platform.

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With more than 850 million users across almost every sector, LinkedIn represents a valuable resource for recruiters, with many professionals utilising the platform in their headhunting. I reached out to my existing LinkedIn community to find out how many of them had previously been contacted by recruiters via the platform.

The poll asked, ‘Have you ever been approached by a recruitment consultant on LinkedIn?’ and offered three possible answers, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t look at my messages’. 82 members of my LinkedIn community took part in the survey and the overwhelming majority (85%) shared that that they have been contacted by recruitment professionals on the platform. Of the remaining respondents, 12% said ‘no’ and 2% don’t check their messages. 

A significant proportion of the candidates that we at MM Search connect with are discovered through LinkedIn, and so the results of this poll tally with our own experience. The results also align with the fact that, post-pandemic, the job market has been extremely buoyant. The surge in vacancies and high demand for talent that the UK has been experiencing has led recruiters to use LinkedIn to reach out to passive candidates with exciting new opportunities. 

These statistics also serve to underline the importance of nourishing your LinkedIn profile if you are considering making your next career move. Recruiters are constantly looking for qualified candidates at every level and so, if you’re keen to be headhunted, it’s important that your information is accurate and your experience is up to date. 

You may also consider reviewing your LinkedIn profile to improve its keyword optimisation so that you can increase its chances of appearing in searches that match your skillset. You can also add specific skills to your profile and have them endorsed by colleagues and contacts to showcase your abilities. For those who are openly job hunting, you can even add the #Opentowork banner to your profile picture to signal to recruiters that you’re interested in hearing about new opportunities. 

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